Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies
Commonly found in
  • HOME
  • HOSPITALITY (Hotels & Resorts)
  • PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY (Producers and Distributors, and Pharmacies )

As a nuisance pest, Cluster flies will not damage home. Occasionally, the flies may leave small dark-colored spots of excrement on windows and walls, but they are not known to carry any diseases of medical importance to humans. In addition to the ‘clustering’ on the sunny exterior of buildings in the fall, the flies will gather in large numbers at windows within the home on warm winter days.



Space treatment

Apply as a space treatment at a rate of 1 to 3 seconds per 10m2.

Close all windows and doors. Direct aerosol upward and disperse in all locations. Keep area closed for 15 minutes. Thoroughly ventilate treated areas before reoccupying.

Crack, crevice, and void space treatment

For treatments of these pets, locate all insect entrances and close all but one opening. Determine size of void. Inject 5 to 10 seconds per 0,20m2 of void into remaining opening. For best results, treat at dusk or later.

General precautions and restrictions

  • Remove pets, birds, and cover fish aquariums before spraying.
  • Do not apply when people, pets or food are present.
  • Do not spray on public, painted or varnished surfaces or directly into any electronic equipment such as radios, televisions, computers etc.
  • Do not allow adults, children, or pets to enter until sprays have dried and spray mist has dispersed.
  • In hospitals and nursing rooms : ventilate rooms thoroughly for 2 hours after spraying and before reoccupying.
  • Food areas and food handling establishments : do not make space spray applications when facility is in operation. During space spray applications, cover or remove food, cover food processing surfaces or clean after treatment with a suitable detergent and rise with potable water before resuming operations.