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General information

MosquitoNix Skeeter Defeater is a unique, simple and affordable way to kill and protect against mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, beetles and many other pest insects. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor, and it consists in :

  • a portable spraying system (Dispenser) : sprays an insecticide automatically at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active, or on demand through a remote control. Compact and portable, it can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • a botanical insecticide : contains pyrethrin and kills parasitic insects on contact without harmful effect on humans.

The Dispenser boasts an automated DUSK/DAWN sensor to spray insecticide when mosquitos are most active. By combining this amazing patented technology with the contact insecticide found in the Cylinder Refill Unit, you’ll kill mosquitos on contact, effectively covering up to 30 square meters.

The CRU (Cylinder Refill Unit) is made to be used in the Dispenser and can also be used as a standalone aerosol at home to protect you and your family.

Pyrethrin is a botanical insecticide that kills mosquitoes and all parasitic insects on contact.

It is an all natural insecticide based on natural flowers. It breaks down quickly in the environment.

Pyrethrin is derived from the chrysanthemum flower. There are several forms currently manufactured for commercial use, including synthetics known as pyrethroids. However, pyrethrin, as it’s used with the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater unit, is a botanical insecticide. But because it is an insecticide (insect killer) and not simply a repellent, it cannot be considered “organic” or “natural” according to EPA standards. According to these regulations, pest control that is organic or natural can only repel insects, not kill them.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is an agency of the United States federal government. Its mission is to protect human and environmental health by researching the effects and mandating limits of chemicals and other pollutants. The EPA regulates the manufacturing, processing, distribution and use of chemicals and other pollutants. In addition, the EPA is charged with determining safe tolerance levels for chemicals and other pollutants in food, animal feed and water. The EPA is able to enforce its findings through fines, sanctions and other procedures.

Pyrethrum is the overall name of insecticides derived from the chrsysanthemum family of flowers.

Pyrethrins are the organic compounds from these flowers that attack the nervous systems of parasitic insects. Pyrethroids are synthetic (man-made or altered) forms of pyrethrin that enhance the toxicity and effects of the insecticide. The most popular form is known as permethrin. Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater contains pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide.

Yes, pyrethrin has an effect on all insects.

While every species is different, the most common mosquitoes live about 30 days. They spend about the first 10 to 14 days in the water developing from egg to adult.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, no insecticide can be considered safe. MosquitoNix Skeeter Defeater has been independently tested by a third party for toxicological data. Based on this testing, the label carries a CAUTION signal word as its hazards are classified by the EPA in the least harmful class. The botanical insecticide used in MosquitoNix Skeeter Defeater is known as pyrethrin, and has been used for many years for pest control as well as flea and tick shampoos and lice shampoos. Because an insecticide is designed to kill insects on contact, it clearly has toxic properties, so precautions should be taken when using any insecticide :

  • Indoor : people and pets must be removed prior to spraying the insecticide. However, it is definitely safe for people and pets to be in an area that has been sprayed after all vapors and aerosols have dispersed and the spray has dried.
  • Outdoor : To prevent exposure to people and pets when using the dispenser, turn it to the Off or Remote Only mode if people or pets are present during or near dusk or dawn. To avoid exposure to outdoor pets, use only in Remote mode if pets live outdoors. It’s important to note that the Dispenser will not spray automatically within 5 hours of its last spray. Also, it is imperative that you follow the instructions for proper placement of the Dispenser, which dictates you hang the Dispenser so the nozzle is 2 meters off the ground. This helps prevent direct sprays in the face of children or pets especially. Should the Dispenser spray while people or pets are present, please read the Cylinder Refill Unit label for the proper procedures for skin, eye, and inhalation first aid instructions.

When using the dispenser, Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater sprays for approximately 4 seconds, which is all the spray that is needed to effectively control the area for several hours

The insecticide sprayed from the Dispenser covers up to 30 square meters. Regardless of which way the Dispenser is pointed, the insecticide will spread 360 degrees around the unit and the effect with last several hours.

30 square meters is a typical size for many gardens and restaurant terraces. Technically speaking, it’s 6 meters by 5 meters.

Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Mosquito Defense Unit is the best solution for any yard or terrace.

First, Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater covers up to 30 square meters. It will work as an excellent solution for most of the yards / terraces.

Second, if you have a wide area you want to cover, then you can certainly use more than one Dispenser. They will all spray at dusk and dawn automatically each day, plus a single remote control will cover all of them. This plan is excellent for a large area scenario.

MosquitoNix Skeeter Defeater is build for all seasons. You can leave it outside even during rainy weather.

In addition to controlling mosquitoes as described, MosquitoNix delivers the added benefit of killing flies, wasps and other annoying insects. In addition to the automatic misting system, for a treatment every day at dusk & dawn, you always have the control via the MosquitoNix remote to treat the area a few hours before you plan to enjoy the outdoors.

Any home or business facility concerned about the nuisance and/or damage of pest insects can benefit from the MosquitoNix Skeeter Defeater system. Once installed around homes, pools, outdoor restaurants, business facilities, the system controls the population of outdoor pest insects.

Dispenser & Cylinder Refill Unit Information

Place the MosquitoNix Skeeter Defeater within the 30 square meters area where you want mosquito elimination. You should place the Dispenser so the spray nozzle is 2 meters off the ground, either placed on a ledge or hanging from a hook of some kind.

The Indicator Light on the top of the Spray Head will blink faster and faster for a span of six seconds before the Dispenser sprays. This is the unit’s way of letting you know it’s about to fire. It’s important to not confuse this with the Indicator Light flashing when you are almost out of insecticide. In this instance, the Indicator Light will flash once every four seconds.

It is best to turn your Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser off when winds are above 10 km an hour, because :

a) high winds can drift your insecticide away from the area you wish to cover.

b) mosquitoes rarely come out when there is wind because they have difficulty landing.

The internal counter found in the Dispenser counts sprays since the last powering on of the unit. Therefore, if you turn off the power of the Dispenser and then turn it back on without changing the CRU, the counter will be set to zero. In this instance, the Indicator Light would not blink at the right time to let you know your CRU is almost empty.

The batteries typically last at least two months when used regularly. It’s a good rule of thumb to change your batteries (4 AAs) every 2 months, or every other time you replace the CRU.

The Cylinder Refill Unit (CRU) is designed to work with the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser, or as a standalone aerosol insecticide that you can operate by hand. The spray nozzle is necessary for standalone use, but should be removed before installing the CRU into the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser.

The Cylinder Refill Unit (CRU) contains 66 sprays of contact insecticide. Set to automatic dusk/dawn spraying, each CRU contains enough insecticide to last 33 days. Obviously, should you spray more often than twice a day using your remote control, the CRU will not last this long. The Indicator Light on the Dispenser will blink once every four seconds once your unit has sprayed 54 times since last installing a CRU. This is its way of telling you that you’re almost out of insecticide.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try: Be sure you’ve removed the spray button from the top of the CRU. This is for hand applications only and is not necessary for use with the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser. Be sure you’ve properly installed the CRU.

The Spray Head of the Dispenser fits very tightly onto the top of the CRU and locks into place when pressing it into place. If it is placed just a little bit inaccurately, it can cause the aerosol to spray through the Dispenser. It’s important to point the nozzle away from you during installation. It’s also best to use one hand to press down on the Spray Head, which helps in guiding the CRU into the Spray Head more effectively.


The DUSK/DAWN Sensor uses patent-pending technology that measures sunlight and knows exactly when it is dusk and dawn each day. Since these are the peak hours for mosquito activity, this automatic feature makes the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Automatic Dispenser a very special product.

The sensor is very sensitive, so it’s important that you place the Dispenser in an area where it can receive direct sunlight throughout the day for proper measurements. Placing the unit in a shaded area may confuse the unit as to knowing exactly when it’s dusk or dawn. The sensor measures the light over a ten-minute span to account for any cloud coverage or other elements that may affect the lighting the unit receives. The Dispenser leverages a 5-hour lockout that prevents the Dispenser from spraying automatically more than once every 5 hours (although you can still use the remote control to manually fire the Dispenser at any time).

Via the remote control, you can spray the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser anytime you wish, from indoors up to 15 meters away. When set to the “DUSK/DAWN+Remote” power setting, the Dispenser will spray only once at dusk and once at dawn, plus anytime you engage the remote control.

Tests have shown that the Dispenser works effectively when firing just twice a day. The insecticide lasts for two to three hours after spraying before disintegrating. Because mosquitoes rarely come out in the open until dusk or dawn, spraying the contact insecticide precisely at these moments when they are most exposed is extremely effective. In addition, the daily automatic application provides much more consistent mosquito management over only spraying other products only when you’re present.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try:Make sure the Dispenser is in an area where it receives direct sunlight. If it’s placed in a shaded area, or if there have been times of extended cloud coverage, this will definitely affect its ability to measure the sunlight.

Installation and Setup

No. The Cylinder Refill Unit is designed to work exclusively with the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser.

No other aerosol containers will fit into the Spray Head and work properly.

Installing the batteries on the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater Dispenser is a simple process but requires a little attention to ensure proper connection of the batteries.

Remote Control

You can use the remote control from up to 15 meters away. It also works from indoors, which makes operation of the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater very simple.

In order to conserve battery power, the Dispenser only powers on every six seconds to check for a signal from the remote control. Therefore, it may take up to 10 seconds for a signal from the remote to initiate the Dispenser spray sequence.

Very General

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