Individual Refill | Outdoor Contact Insecticide (Botanical Insecticide)

The Cylinder Refill Unit (CRU) provides the insecticide for your Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater® On the Go Dispenser. The insecticide contains pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide that kills mosquitos on contact. The CRU is designed to work exclusively with the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater® On the Go Dispenser; no other insecticide containers will fit into the Spray Head of the Mosquito Nix Skeeter Defeater® On the Go Dispenser and work properly. The CRU may come with a spray button. It is necessary to remove this nozzle before inserting the CRU into the Dispenser.

Replacing the CRU

The CRU will last for 66 sprays when used with the Dispenser. If you spray the Dispenser twice a day (dusk and dawn), the CRU will last about 30 days. The Indicator Light will blink once every four seconds once the unit has been sprayed 54 times in a single power setting to notify you of the upcoming need for a replacement CRU.You can purchase additional CRUs where you purchased your Dispenser, at various retail outlets, or online at Mosquito Nix Skeeter

NOTE: The internal counter found in the Dispenser counts sprays since last powering on the unit.Therefore, if you turn off the power of the Dispenser and then turn it back on, the counter will be set to zero. In this instance, the Indicator Light would not blink at the right time to let you know your CRU is almost empty.

*Currently not sold in New York, Hawaii and Alaska. Call for international orders.